Animal Crossing New Leaf


Simple print I made for Usagi’s bedding from Sailor Moon 

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Hello everyone, I made another path… kinda! This time it’s for those who would like something to use in place of their water tiles for winter. As with my previous path, I couldn’t fit all the tiles I made into one post, so please check out the imgur link if you’re looking for a specific tile! I’ll also include the palette in the imgur link shortly in the event you need to edit this.

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Those stripes were a pain in the ass.

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Lavender One piece

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Some wallpapers I’ve made to go with the princess series :)

I’ll be uploading some more in a sec

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Button-up dress with a ruffle skirt and a little bow in the back!

Also comes in pink and purple.

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More ACNL textiles. I do this when I’m up in the middle of the night. Still taking requests.

ACNL: 3497-0150-0881

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