Animal Crossing New Leaf

Anonymous said: How do I get Gracie to come to town? I have to T.I.Y, but it's been months and she still hasn't visited...I do time skip but only days not months, is that a factor in it? Thanks!!

1) spend more bells at T.I.Y
2) don’t time travel

on a note, can people stop replying to this and saying “time travel doesn’t affect it”. Time travelling shouldn’t effect it, but we all know about the time travelling and Club LOL bug so it’s not worth risking it in case the same thing happens with Gracie and blocks her.

  1. patrickkellyf3 said: Are you sure bout T.I.Y.? I don’t mean to be rude, but where did you hear about that?
  2. bellpincher said: Not to be “that guy” but I time travel one day at a time and it still got built. it’s all good in the hood
  3. ozette-crossing said: have to pass 4 times on Gracie’s Fashion Check too
  4. megandg said: I got her all the time with time travel. I also spend a shit ton of bells and It’s really only a day skip after everything else.
  5. hytheandhaven said: You can time travel and still get Gracie
  6. muhsiker said: god, time travel has nothing to do with it. I time traveled and already have Gracie in main street.
  7. redfully said: She/he appered to me and i time travel
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