Animal Crossing New Leaf

Animal Crossing New Leaf: Nookling Stores

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Tom Nook has handed his business over, and it’s now run by his former Nookington assistants, Timmy and Tommy. You can sell items here if you wish, however, Reese at Re-Tail will buy items for a higher price so it’s not recommended you sell here. In New Leaf, there are four shop upgrades, as opposed to three in the previous series, and as each upgrades, it gets bigger and better.

Nookling Junction:
Nookling Junction is the starting shop, and is open from 8am - 10pm. It’s stock rotates daily but sells the same types of items daily (listed below);

x2 tools
x1 fortune cookie
x1 stationary
x1 wrapping paper
x2 furniture

You’ve probably noticed that flooring and wallpaper aren’t included in this list, that’s because they can’t be bought until the next upgrade. Also note that the only available tools are the shovel, fishing rod, and bug net - the rest can’t be purchased until the next upgrade (excluding the axe and watering can, which can only be purchased at the gardening store).

T&T Mart:
T&T Mart is the first upgrade, is open from 7am - 12am, and is unlocked by upgrading your tent to a house, spending 12,000 bells or buying 15 items at Nookling Junction, and waiting 7 days after you’ve been living in the village. T&T Mart will grant you access to the catalog  It sells a larger variety of items that its predecessor did;

x2 fortune cookies
x1 medicine
x3 tools
x1 wrapping paper
x1 carpet
x1 wallpaper
x1 stationary
x3 furniture

Super T&T:
Super T&T is the second upgrade, is open from 9am - 8pm, and is unlocked when you’ve spent 25,000 bells in store, and waited 10 days since it’s opening and the opening since the garden store. It sells a much wider variety of items that it did before, which are listed below;

x2 fortune cookies
x1 medicine
x3 tools
x1 wrapping paper
x2 carpet
x2 wallpaper
x2 stationary
x1 melody card
x1 wall furniture
x3 furniture

The T.I.Y is the third upgrade, is open from 10am - 11pm, and in order to unlock, the player must have spent 50,000 bells at the Super T&T, and waited 21 days since the Super T&T has opened. Once you have unlocked the T.I.Y, Leif and his gardening store will move inside the newly found store, and he will expand his range, the store will also begin having spotlight items (which are listed later on in this post);

x2 fortune cookies
x1 medicine
x3 tools
x1 wrapping paper
x2 carpet
x2 wallpaper
x2 stationary
x1 melody card
x1 music
x1 wall furniture
x4 furniture

x1 garden tool
x2 flower seeds
x1 tree seedling
x1 shrub seedling

T&T Emporium:
The T&T Emporium is the final upgrade of the Nookling store, is open from 9am - 9pm, and is unlocked after spending 100,000 bells at the T.I.Y, passed four of Gracie’s fashion checks, and waited 30 days since the opening of the T.I.Y. The T&T Emporium is three levels high, sells your basics, garden supplies, and furniture.

x2 fortune cookie
x1 medicine
x3 tools
x1 wrapping paper
x2 carpet
x2 wallpaper
x2 stationary
x2 melody card
x2 music
x2 wall furniture
x5 furniture

x2 garden tools
x1 house plant
x2 flower seeds
x1 tree seedling
x2 shrub seedling
x1 fertilizer
x1 bamboo shoot OR persimmon

x4 furniture
x1 wall furniture
x1 carpet
x1 wallpaper
x4 tops OR dresses
x2 pants
x2 hats OR accessories
x2 shoes

Spotlight Items:

Once you have unlocked the T.I.Y, Timmy and Tommy will start getting spotlight items in stock. There’s nothing overly special about spotlight items, except some may be considered as lucky, or score you extra points with the HRA. There are 50 spotlight items in total, all listed below;

Misc Items;
- Wrestling Corner: 3,200 bells
- Doll: 6,800 bells
- Arc de Triomphe: 9,200 bells
- Armor: 6,400 bells
- Podium: 1,280 bells
- Throne: 800,000 bells
- King [chess piece]: 8,000 bells
- Queen [chess piece]: 8,000 bells
- Golden speaker: 5,400 bells
- Shopping cart: 3,980 bells
- White bear: 1,800 bells
- Moon: 32,000 bells
- Front load washing machine: 5,200 bells
- Garden gnome: 3,380 bells
- Dharma: 1,600 bells
- Old wagon: 3,800 bells
- Tower of Pisa: 9,200 bells
- Samurai: 4,500 bells
- Unknown machine: 4,800 bells
- Retro lamp: 1,280 bells

Space Theme;
- Control center: 6,800 bells
- Wall monitor: 3,800 bells
- Captains monitor: 2,800 bells
- Captains chair: 3,680 bells
- Crew chair: 2,800 bells
- Crew monitor: 2,400 bells
- Small radar: 2,680 bells
- Hologram: 3,600 bells
- Sci-fi clock: 3,000 bells
- Round radar hologram: 3,000 bells

Rococo Theme;
- Rococo closet: 2,400 bells
- Rococo shelf: 3,820 bells
- Rococo sofa: 2,100 bells
- Rococo chair: 3,100 bells
- Rococo chest: 2,540 bells
- Rococo table:  3,600 bells
- Rococo clock: 3,360 bells
- Rococo dresser: 3,210 bells
- Rococo bed: 3,520 bells
- Rococo lamp: 3,200 bells

Number Lamps;
- #0 Lamp: 10,000 bells
- #1 Lamp: 1,000 bells
- #2 Lamp: 2,000 bells
- #3 Lamp: 3,000 bells
- #4 Lamp: 4,000 bells
- #5 Lamp: 5,000 bells
- #6 Lamp: 6,000 bells
- #7 Lamp: 7,000 bells
- #8 Lamp: 8,000 bells
- #9 Lamp: 9,000 bells

Holiday Items:
When it’s near a special time of year (namely Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas), the Nookling brothers will get special holiday items in stock which are only sold during a certain time period.

October - Halloween;
During October, Timmy and Tommy will sell a piece of Halloween Furniture each day, as well as a piece of candy. This lasts from October 1-31. The Halloween Series can be bought for 4,124 bells a piece, and candy can be bought for 400 bells.

November - Thanksgiving;
During November, Timmy and Tommy will sell a piece of the Harvest Series each day, they can be bought from November 1st until the day of the Harvest Festival. Each piece of Harvest Furniture costs 3,333 bells.

December - Christmas;
During December, Timmy and Tommy will sell a piece of Jingle Furniture daily, as well as some special Christmas items (big tree, small tree, stocking, snow globe, and festive candle), as well as a party cracker and glow sticks. The Jingle Series sells for 4,896 bells per item, the Christmas items sell for 2,480, 1,300, 1,200, 1,200 and 4,896 bells respectively, party crackers cost 300 bells, an glow sticks [yellow/pink/green] can be purchased for a mere 800 bells.

Additional Information:
- With the early bird ordinance, all Nookling stores will open at 6am and close at regular time.
- With the night owl ordinance, each Nookling store will open at regular time, and close at 12am, 5am, 12am, 3am, and 12am respectively.
- Leif sells the following… 1) flower seedlings: red, yellow and white roses/tulips/cosmos/pansies/lilies and white, purple and yellow violets. 2) trees: sapling/cedar sapling. 3) bushes: white/pink azalea, blue/pink hydrangea, sweet olive, and holly. If you are interested in seeing what each flower/bush looks like, check out this post. If you’re interested in learning more about fruit and bamboo, read this post. If you are interested in reading more on the gardening store (including prices), read this post
- If you want to know all the Fortune Cookie rewards, click here.
- If you want to know more about Gracie, read here.
- If you’re looking for Tom Nook, check out this post.
- After all requirements for upgrades have been met, an announcement will be posted on the bulletin board, the shop will be closed the following day and be open on the following day with its new look.
- Wrapping paper just wraps a present to look nice, like this when dropped.
- Melody cards are just letters that you can attach a song to.
- If you want a picture of a certain item, drop me a message.

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