Animal Crossing New Leaf

Animal Crossing New Leaf: Gardening Store

The garden store is yet another new shop unique to Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and is run by Leif the sloth, and is open from 9am - 8pm. His store is unlocked after you have spent 5 days in the village, and the total amount of trees/flowers planted/weeds pulled have exceeded 30.
His store is pretty straight forawrd and sells general garden supplied (watering cans, saplings, flowers, bushes etc..) and upgrades along with the Nookling’s store, once you have unlocked the T.I.Y. All possible items available for purchase at his shop are listed below;

Red cosmos: 80 bells
Yellow cosmos: 80 bells
White cosmos: 80 bells
Red tulips: 80 bells
Yellow tulips: 80 bells
White tulips: 80 bells
Red roses: 80 bells
Yellow roses: 80 bells
White roses: 80 bells
Red pansies: 80 bells
Yellow pansies: 80 bells
White pansies: 80 bells
White violets: 80 bells
Purple violets: 80 bells
Yellow violets: 80 bells
Red lilies: 80 bells
White lilies: 80 bells
Yellow lilies: 80 bells

Sapling: 60 bells 
Cedar sapling: 60 bells 
Persimmon: 1,000 bells (department store)
Bamboo shoot: 3,000 bells (department store)

White azalea: 120 bells
Pink azalea: 120 bells
Blue hydrangea: 120 bells
Pink hydrangea: 120 bells
Sweet Olive: 120 bells
Holly: 120 bells
*Bushes become available once you have unlocked the T.I.Y
(red and yellow hibiscus bushes can be bought on the island for 5 medals)

Watering can: 500 bells
Silver watering can: N/A - Buy 50 flower bags from the gardening store 
Axe: 400 bells
Golden axe: N/A - Buy a total of 50 seedlings from gardening store
Golden shovel: N/A - Buy a total of 50 bags of fertilizer from the gardening store
Fertilizer: 1,600 bells

If you’re looking for images on these plants, or for more information on different tools/plants, please check out the posts linked below;
[ Tools | Fruit/Bamboo | Fertilizer | Flowers/Bushes ]

As well as running the Gardening Store, Leif is also in charge of the special Grass Day holiday, which is explained in more detail here.

Happy gardening!

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