Animal Crossing New Leaf

Animal Crossing New Leaf: Dream Suite

The Dream Suiet is yet another feature unique to Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and is run by Yumemi (Luna) the tapir. The Dream Suite operates 24 hours a day and is unlocked via Public Works Project after being mayor for seven days. Once this time has passed, if you go into the Town Hall and speak to Isabelle, she should be sleeping, and the Dream Suite will be added to your list of Public Works Projects and costs 234,000 bells to build (which is paid to Lloid in the train station).

In the Dream Suite, players have the ability to visit other players towns via the Dream World; you can use a players Dream Address to go directly to their town, of you can search for a town through it’s name, location in the real world, or totally random. If you go to a dream town and enjoy it simple check the Bulletin Board and it’ll have their dream address so yo can come back whenever you want. It costs 500 bells to visit a dream town.

When you visit a town in a dream, anything you do to the town will not physically affect the players town - so you can dig up their flowers, run around like crazy, and chop down their trees. These changes will not save to the players town as it’s a dream. Of course, as it’s a dream, you are not able to take any items from dream towns, except patterns.

If enabled by the player, Wendel may appear in the dream world and offer you patterns made by the owner of the town. When you speak to Wendel he’ll give you an assortment of patterns made by the player and you can save it by over-riding a pattern of your own.

Additionally, the Dream Suite is also a good way to make money, and will eventually pay its self back over time. Each day you can ‘update’ your town in the dream network, and for doing so you’ll be given 5,000 bells in return - this can only be done once per day, and is only given to whichever player gets there first.

Sweet dreams.

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