Animal Crossing New Leaf

Animal Crossing New Leaf: Happy Home Showcase

The Happy Home Showcase is a display of houses made by other players, obtained via streetpass. The area is run by Kent (Digby).
To enter the showcase you must talk to Digby (who appears on your second or third day in town) - he will explain the showcase to you and allow you to enter.

Within the Happy Home Showcase; people you’ve streetpassed with will have their house appear in one of the vacant lots, in either the north, west, or east wing (each ‘wing’ contains 16 lots) - If all these lots are filled, the next time you streetpass with someone their house will replace one of your old houses - however if there is a house you really like; you can add it to your favorites and it wont be over-rided by a new streetpass. Additionally, if you streetpass with the same person whilst their house is still in your showcase, it’ll update their house.

As well as getting a model display home, you can also order up to five items a day in these model houses - you don’t have to order all five items from the same house, you can order one item from five different houses, then it’ll cap out for the rest of the day (and you can only order items than can be ordered normally through the catalog), though these items cost a little more than they usually would (1.2x the normal price).

On top of that, when you streetpass with someone their character will also appear alongside their house. If you continually streetpass the same person, each time you talk to them they’ll give you an item unique to the Happy Home Showcase.

Obtainable Items;

First time: N/A
Second time: Balloon
Third time: Balloon
Fourth time: Pinwheel
Fifth time: Bunny balloon
Sixth time: Bubble blower
Seventh time: Heart balloon
Eighth time: Ice cream
Ninth time: Soft serve ice cream
Tenth time: Party blower
More than ten times: Random item listed above

The color (or flavor in the case of the ice cream) you get for each item is totally random, so if you want to collect lots of items, try go to streetpass meet ups to get the same person over and over again (however you must wait 8 hours until you can streetpass the same person again)

In the English versions of the game, there is a new feature where players can download houses sent out by Nintendo via spotpass, which will appear in the Happy Home Showcase. 

As usual images will be added later. Enjoy :)

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