Animal Crossing New Leaf

Animal Crossing New Leaf: The Museum

The museum is generally the same as i previous series; but in New Leaf it gets revamped immensely. You still donate fossils, bugs, fish, and paintings; however the fish section now includes creatures caught by diving, and the paintings section now includes sculptures.

As you progress through the game, donating items and meeting certain requirements, the museum upstairs will be unlocked (via community project) - which is run by Celeste. Celeste sells special items unique to the museum (listed below), however she also has four display rooms for rent, which can be bought for 10,000 bells - which can be yours to keep to display your own custom museum rooms, or to simply use as extra storage space. (NB: Museum display rooms can only be used by the player who bought them)

Museum Shop:
The museum shop is unique to Animal Crossing New Leaf as it has not previously existed in past games. As you meet certain requirements, the shop beings to stock more items;
- Silver net: 500 bells (donate at least 30 bugs)
- Silver rod: 500 bells (donate at least 30 fish)
- Silver shovel: 500 bells (donate at least 15 fossils)
- Museum floor: 2,000 bells (N/A)
- Museum wall: 2,000 bells (N/A)
- Sea floor: 1,600 bells (donate at least 50 fish)
- Sea wallpaper: 1,600 bells (donate all fish)
- Jungle floor: 1,600 bells (donate at least 50 bugs)
- Jungle wallpaper: 1,600 bells (donate all bugs)
- Fossil floor: 1,600 bells (donate at least 30 fossils)
- Fossil wallpaper: 1,600 bells (donate all fossils)
- Art floor: 1,6000 bells (donate 20 pieces of art)
- Art wallpaper: 1,600 bells (donate all pieces of art)
- Museum Model: 1,800 (donate everything to the museum)
- Tall display case: 2,000 bells (N/A)
- Short display case: 1,500 bells (N/A) 
- Long display case: 2,500 bells (N/A) 
- Glass photo display case: 2,500 bells (N/A) 
- Wide photo display case: TBA bells (N/A) 
- Electronic device: 1,500 bells (N/A)
- Picture frame: 10,000 bells (N/A) 
- Arrow sign: 3,500 (N/A)
- Vertical sign: 2,500 (N/A)
- Museum chair: 3,000 bells (N/A)
- Barrier: TBA bells (N/A) 

(I’m missing one item but I’m not sure what it is, if you know message me - pictures coming soon)

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