Animal Crossing New Leaf

How to unlock stores [Part 2]

Dream Mansion:

-Speak to Shizue/Isabelle ~7 days after becoming mayor (she should be sleeping)
-Build at least one Public Works Project
-Connect to the Internet in game at least once.


 House of Fortune:

-Have Katrina tell 20 fortunes to your villagers


Garden Center:

-5 days passed since living in the village
-Trees/flowers planted/weeds pulled have exceeded 30



-7 days after Kicks’ has opened
-Spend 10,000 bells at Shoe Shank/Able Sisters
-Contacts become available after Shampoodle has been open for 14 days, and you’ve had at least one hair cut


Museum Second Floor:

-20 donations to museum (at least 1 to each category)
-Talk to Blathers when he is thinking (not sleeping)
-Been mayor for 14 days


Brewsters Cafe:

-Seven days passed since opening of the museum’s second floor
-50 donations to museum
-Talk to Blathers when he is upset


Reset Surveillance Center:

-Quit the game without saving


Police Station:

-Randomly requested by villagers


[Part 1] | [Part 2] 

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