Animal Crossing New Leaf

Katie/Kaitlin Guide

Even though I wrote Katie and Kaitlin, Kaitlin isn’t in this game. Only Katie is.
When you first meet Katie she will mention how she has grown up and yada yada yada (do you really care about her back story, you just want to know the rewards haha!), and instead of crying and sobbing asking for her mother, she’ll simply ask you to take her to another town (she doesn’t care which town you take her to). She’ll follow you around and you can actually run this time without her falling over and having a fit.
When you take her to the station make sure you have arranged for a friend to let you use their town to take her. Now, when you get on the train, one of two things will happen; 1) she will get on the train with you, or 2) she will drop her ticket just before getting on he train and the train will leave without her. But not to worry, it doesn’t matter what happens, she’ll still mail you a reward. In option 1, she’ll send you a letter the next day thanking you, and attach a gift. If option 2 happens instead, she’ll write you a letter, explaining the caught the next train, and attach a gift.
Katie will give you one of items which can not be obtained by normal means (so if you don’t have wifi then you can’t get these items)

World map
- Sketch book [ open | closed ]
- Her photograph
- Digital photo frame
- Toy camera

- The toy camera can be given to Kaizo and remade into different colors (black, blue, beige, red, green, purple, orange) as can the world map which can be remade into a sepia toned map to give it an aged look.

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