Animal Crossing New Leaf

Animal Crossing New Leaf: Gracie Grace Information

So as in the previous series, Gracie once again makes an appearance in New Leaf, and much like in City Folk runs her own store. However she wont be available from the get go and needs to have a certain list of criteria met until she will open up Gracie Grace;

So, first of all in order to unlock Gracie Grace, you must have Gracie approve of your fashion four times. To have her ‘approve’ you have to have you entire outfit match. Gracie will appear underneath the town tree, but wont appear until you have spent 70,000 bells at the T.I.Y. Once she has approved of your fashion sense four times, she will open up her store on the third floor of the Department Store (final Nook Jr. upgrade)

As per usual, her prices are extremely over priced, she sells four main series which change depending on the time of year. They include;
- Princess Series
- Gracie Series
- Sweets Series
- Gorgeous Series
- Trump Series (can be remade into black)

In addition to this, she also sells over 120 fashion items (hats, accessories, tops, pants, shoes, umbrellas) - we aren’t going to list them all because there’s way too many, but their pricing ranges from 1,000 - 8,000 bells.

During the last month of the season, much like in City Folk, Gracie Grace will hold a sale;
- From the 15th - 20th, all items are 20% off
- From the 21st - 25th, all items are 30% off
- From the 26th - last day of the month, all items are 50% off

During these sales, some of Gracie’s items will be sold out (much like in City Folk). Instead of showing a sold out sign, she will instead sell exclusive items which are only available during the sale period, including the Trump Series and the Wedding Cake - even though these items are sold during the sale period, they are not sold at a reduced price.

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