Animal Crossing New Leaf

Animal Crossing New Leaf Guides and Information Masterpost

So I figured I’d make a masterpost for easy access of information. This’ll be updated regularly and linked on the sidebar to allow for easy access. If you have a question but are afraid to ask me just check out this post and it’ll hopefully answer your questions - if not drop me an ask;
A few things before we get started, if you’re going to use this information; please source/credit me. It takes up a lot of my spare time writing up these guides (when I could be doing other things, such as studying or working) - so the least you could do is give me the slightest bit of credit for all the hard work I am putting in to help others. I’ll even post it below so you have no reason not to do it (all you have to do is copy and paste);

Source - Bidoof, 

Second thing, not everything is linked, those that aren’t linked simply mean they’ll be posted soon, and like I said previously, this will be updated every time I post a worthwhile piece of information.
Hopefully this is much easier for everyone to get information. Any suggestions, feel free to ask me!
NB: The bandwidth issue should be resolved, so all images should be working fine. However is any images are broken, drop me a message and I’ll get onto it.

Getting Started:
Choosing the town map [video]
Face guide
Approval rating
Town Tree guide
no slingshot, no problem 

The Town:
Recycling bin 
Gem rock 
Gold furniture
Public Works Projects 
- Town Hall & Train Station styles
- Reset Surveillance Center/Resetti 
The police station
The island

Crazy Redd

Main Street: 
The Able Sisters
Club LOL
Dream Suite 
Gardening Store
Gracie Grace
Happy Home Showcase
Happy Room Academy (HRA)
Nooks Homes
Nookling Stores
Post Office
How to unlock stores [Part 1]
How to unlock stores [Part 2]

Flowers and bushes
Fruit and Bamboo
Grass wear
Perfect Town

Badges guide
Bug guide
Cafe guide
Diving guide
Fishing guide
Fortune Cookie rewards guide 
Harvest Festival cooking guide
Halloween guide
Snowman guide

American Holiday List
Grass Day 
New Years Eve & Day
New furniture series [Part 1]
New furniture series [Part 2]
Winter Wonderland

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