Animal Crossing New Leaf


Re-Tail is a new store in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and is open between the hours of 6am and 11pm (times can change depending on town ordinance). It functions much like the Auction House and Flea Market from City Folk, as you can put your items up for sale (you chose the price) and villagers and visitors can buy them.

The store is run by two alpacas, Reese, the pink alpaca who is in charge of the main shop, and Cyrus, the blue alpaca who is in charge of customization.

In Reese’s thrift store, you can sell your items for your own price. Villagers will randomly walk in and wonder if they should buy the items you have set for sale. You can try persuade them to buy the item, or persuade them not to buy the item, however, if the price is too high, they will not purchase the item. Reese does not gain any profit from this, and you gain all the bells made from the sale.
Reese has also taken over the stalk market from Tom Nook, and this is where you now sell turnips. Reese turnips prices change at 12AM/PM, and are completely random - although it’s possible to pick up trends in her prices so you can predict when they’ll be high. You can not sell turnips on Sunday.
You can also sell items normally to Reese much like you would to the Nooklings, however, Reese will buy your items for a higher price.
If you try sell her ‘dud items’ - like rotten fruit/turnips, garbage or fake paintings, she’ll charge you a disposal fee (prices range depending on the item). Though if you place a trash can in your town or house you can easily avoid this disposal fee.

At the start of the game, Cyrus will be seen sleeping. In order to wake him, there are certain conditions that need to be met;
- You have to play the game for 7 days.
- Have 50 or more pieces of furniture, and 10 or more pieces of clothing in the catalog .
- Sell more than 100,000 bells worth of items to Reese.

Once these conditions have been met, Cyrus will wake up the next day and allow you access to furniture customization. There are three times of remakes available; fixed, custom, and gem.
Fixed customization can be done on items which can have different appearances/colors.There are many types of fixed customization, but you can only chose from the options Cyrus gives you. Examples [ Basket Balls  | Stained Glass Lamp | Kotatsu | Scan ] - If you are looking for a variety of different remakes, check out this blog.

Custom allows you to add a pattern you have designed or scanned via QR code to a piece of furniture. You can’t add a custom pattern to every piece of furniture. The series you can add custom patterns to so far include; Robo, Exotic, Kiddie, Ranch, Classic, Aline, Sloppy, Polka-dot, Modern wood, Green, Regal, and Blue series. Examples [ Tom Nook Cushions | Manaphy Room ]

Gem customization can be done by adding gems to your furniture to add a beautiful shine to their appearance. You can’t add gems to every piece, only the ones which correspond with the gems color. So you can add a green gem to the Green series, a red gem to the Lovely series, a blue gem to the Blue series and so on. You can also add gems to the Piggy Bank
Additionally, giving Cyrus three gold nuggets and 10,000 bells will make you a piece of gold furniture.
For more information on gem rocks, click here here.

Furthermore, if you give Cyrus a giant-clam shell (which randomly washes up on the beach) a piece of music (which you can get from K.K. Slider or from the Nooklings Store), and 3,000 bells. Cyrus will make you a music box.
You can also give him a complete fossil set and he will shrink it down into a miniature model of the dinosaur - the price varies depending on the fossils, but it costs 10% of the sale price.

It takes Cyrus 30 minutes to remake furniture, however there are exceptions where he may take longer (ie; the next day).

Re-Tail will also have some items going for premium each day (on the sign out the front) - the list usually has one item listed (2 if you have the rich town ordinance) and changes daily. Items that are on premium can be sold for twice as much as they normally would.

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