Animal Crossing New Leaf

Everything you need to know about fruit/bamboo;

When you start your town you’ll either have apples, oranges, pears, peaches or cherries as your ‘native fruit’ (Isabelle will also give you an additional 3 fruits). These are known as your ‘town fruit’ (the others four are known as ‘foreign fruit’) - When you unlock the island you’ll have either mangoes, durains, lychee’s, or lemons as your ‘island fruit’ and either coconuts or bananas as your ‘island palm fruit’.
There are also two other ‘fruits’ - persimmons and bamboo - which are available from the garden store after it’s final upgrade.

Sale prices:

Native fruit: 100 bells
Foreign fruit: 500 bells
Island fruit: 250 bells
Island palm: 250 bells
Persimmons: 250 bells
Bamboo: 750 bells

However, there is a new feature called ‘perfect fruit’ - only the town fruits can be delicious (apples, oranges, cherries, peaches and pears), and sell for 6x the amount of a ‘normal fruit’ (600 if native, 3,000 is foreign). When you first start your game, there should be one perfect fruit on a tree in your town. After this, you must wait until another one randomly grows - or you can plant your first perfect fruit for a whole perfect fruit tree.

If you want to grow bamboo in your town you have to wait until you reach the final garden store upgrade - or have someone give it to you. Reiji will sell bamboo shoots for 3,000 bells. Bamboo goes through four stages until it becomes fully grown [stage 1 | stage 2 | stage 3 | stage 4]. When the bamboo is fully grown, it can be harvested. It will leave a ★ mark on the ground around the bamboo when ready to be harvested, and can be dug up by your shovel.

**Additional Information**
- Island palms must be planted on the beach.
- It’s possible to change the fruit on your island.
- Delicious fruit will randomly grow on your fruit trees, but fertilizer will influence trees to produce delicious fruit, chances further increased if you use a golden shovel.
- You can only grow a perfect fruit of the fruit which is native to your town. If you plant a foreign perfect fruit it will grow into a normal fruit tree.
- After you harvest delicious fruit trees a few times they will lose their leaves and have to be replanted, and one of the fruit will be rotten, and it will cost 400 bells to ‘dispose’ of it to R. Parkers.
- The same fruit can be stacked into groups on 9 for convenience. 
- Bamboo can be planted in groups (ie; you don’t need to leave a space between them like with trees), but a bamboo plant must have at least one free space around it if you want to harvest it. Bamboo plants which don’t have a free space can’t be harvested.

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