Animal Crossing New Leaf

Cafe Guide and Information;

Before we start, we should make it clear how to unlock the Cafe.
First of all, you need to wait ~7 days after the completion of the Museum Store (which we will write up later and link for you). You must also have at least 50 donations in the museum. When you meet this criteria you will get the option to build the Cafe.
The Cafe costs 298,000 bells to build, and requires a 7x5 area - the Cafe can’t be removed either.
So, when you have the Cafe built, you can buy a cup of coffee for only 200 bells. At the start, you will have to drink the coffee inside the Cafe, but after the fourth time you buy a coffee, Brewster will give you the offer to have the coffee ‘on the go’. You can take the coffee out of the Cafe and carry it around town. You can drink it five times until it runs out. After the eighth time, Brewster will offer you a part-time job. You can work on any day, except for holidays, as Brewster will complain about having to pay you at time and a half. The Cafe is open from 11am-11pm.

When working in the Cafe, a total of four villager and/or shop owners will come in during your shift, and they will request what type of coffee they’d like, but they wont tell you every detail. They’ll only partially tell you their order, it’s up to you to decide what beans to use, or how much milk and sugar you’re going to put in. After you have served them enough times, they will stop telling you their order and just say ‘the usual’.
Now, we could type up the whole guide for what every single character in the game has for their oder, but instead we have a found a guide online, which can be found here.

Now, I’m sure you’re curious on what Brewster will reward you with for helping him out. Well, every time you work in the coffee shop, if you get 1 order completely correct, he’ll reward you with ordinary coffee beans, if you get 2-3 orders correct, he’ll give you good coffee beans, and all four correct, he’ll reward you with very good coffee beans. The beans have no use other than being sold, which can be sold for 500, 1,000 and 2,000 bells respectively - If you want to know what coffee beans look like, click here (all coffee beans look the same)

On top of that, Brewster will also give you additional rewards based on your cumulative total, which can be seen below;

  • 16 correct orders - Coffee Maker (right) - sells for 200 bells
  • 32 correct orders - Espresso Maker (left)  - sells for 125 bells 
  • 48 correct orders - Siphon (right)  - sells for 445 bells 
  • 64 correct orders - Coffee Cup (left) - sells for 500 bells
  • 80 correct orders - Milk and Sugar (right) - sells for 250 bells
  • 96 correct orders - Coffee Mill (right) - sells for 400 bells
  • 128 correct orders - Cafe Uniform - sells for 108 bells 
  • At 160, 192, 224, and 255 he will give you a Brewster Styled Gyroid - each selling for 828 bells 
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