Animal Crossing New Leaf

The above images show you the correct dimensions to create all four snow-people.

In order from left to right:

Snowtyke: To make the Snowtyke you have to push two very small snowballs together (if they’re too large you’ll create the Snowmam!). Depending on how well you created the other snowmen in your town (you must have all  snowmen in your town to get a reward from the Snowtyke), he will reward you with one of four items, click here to see them.

Snowboy: The Snowboy is pretty much the same as in the previous series - you roll two snowballs together, and make a Snowboy. However he has to be perfect in order to reward you. If you make him perfectly, he will complement you and send you a letter the next day with an item from the Snowman Series. If you make him incorrectly you’ll simply get nothing.

Snowmam: To make Snowmam, you must roll a small/medium snowball onto a medium sized snowball (the smaller third snowball on the top will form when the two are pushed together). The Snowmam will ask you to give her snowflakes. If you make her perfectly, she will only ask for 3 snowflakes, if you make her imprefectly she will instead ask for 5. Snowflakes will randomly fall from the sky during the winter months, which can be caught with your net. When you give the Snowmam snowflakes she will reward you with a piece of the Ice Series. You can give her as as many snowflakes as you want per day.

Snowman: To make snowman, two large snowballs are needed to be pushed together. The Snowman will ask to play bingo with you. He will give you a bingo card, and each day when you talk to him, he will roll his eyes and they will land on a number. If you have the number on your card you can check it off your card. If you don’t, it’s too bad. You can make multiple Snowmen, or visit other peoples towns and talk to their Snowmen to get more than one number per day. When you get bingo (5 in a row) he will reward you with a piece of the Ski Series.

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