Animal Crossing New Leaf


Ordinances are a new addition to the Animal Crossing series, originating in New Leaf. They allow to give your town it’s own unique feeling, as well as changing gameplay; there 5 ordinances in total - Beautiful, Early, Late, Rich, and Basic. Ordinances can be put in place and changed for 20,000 bells, and will be effective at 6am the next morning. You can only have one town law effective in your town at a time.

Beautiful Town:
- Villagers water plants more often.
- Likelihood of villagers planting flowers increases.
- Time travelling does not effect the towns environment.
- No cockroaches
- No trash in the river/ocean
- Harder to grow weeds (not impossible)
- Flowers rarely wither

Morning Town:
- The villagers of the town change their schedule to fit the town
- The town wakes up (villagers and shops) 3 hours earlier

Town that Never sleeps:
- The villagers of the town change their schedule to fit the town
- The town goes to sleep (villagers and shops) 3 hours later

Rich Town:
- Prices rise, but selling price rises also. 
- The prices go up by 20% (sell and buy)
— Turnips unaffected by this
- Recycle shop will always have at least 2 items on demand
- Easier to grow Money trees (with golden shovel)

Basic Town:
- same as previous games

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