Animal Crossing New Leaf

                              **~~Quick Disclaimer~~**
If you asked a question and it didn’t get an answer, it’s probably because it can be answered reading the FAQ/Masterpost.

                                   ACNL-related FAQ:

Can we trade Friend Codes?
- Sorry, I don’t trade FC’s on tumblr. I will only ever trade if I am looking for an item in New Leaf, or a Pokemon in Pokemon X/Y.

I have the American/Japanese/Korean version of the game, can we trade Friend Codes?
- Like I said, I don’t trade FC’s on tumblr, but I’m interested in visiting international towns during holidays, which I’ll be sure to post when I’m looking to venture out.

It’s been seven days and Isabelle isn’t sleeping!! Am I never going to be able to get the Dream Suite now?
- You can still get it, just be patient, wait a few more days, and check you’ve met the requirements. You’ll get it soon enough.

The number of days to unlock X store has passed/I haven’t spent the required number of bells in X days to unlock Y store! Am I still able to unlock it?
- Of course! Anything listed in the master post for unlocking stores are the minimum requirements - the game isn’t going to lock you out of unlocking a store.

Where is the catalog?
- The catalog doesn’t become available until you have unlocked T&T Mart.

I have a QR code/screen shot you might like!

- Great, send it to me via the submit button and I’ll check it out, I might even post it!

How do I use QR codes in New Leaf?
- First of all you need to unlock the QR Code machine - which is unlocked after befriending Sable (speaking to her for 10 days) - you then have to ask Sable to use the QR Code machine, and scan the QR codes through that - NOT the QR code scanner on the 3DS’ camera.

I can’t display more than 10 patterns in my town with out it being overwritten!
- If you want to display more than 10 patterns in your town you need an additional character to store and lay the other patterns you want to display.

Do you take requests for QR codes?
- I don’t make any QR codes, hence why all of them are reblogged, so I can’t possibly take requests as I don’t make them.

Where can I find the QR code for the path you use in your town?
- There is no QR code, the path I use comes from Wendell in the Japanese Nintendo village. To get the path, go to this dream address and find Wendell for the path: 0000 - 0100 - 0017.

How do I get a Friend Code?
- The friend code in New Leaf is the same as the 3DS’ friend code.

Are you going to make videos for New Leaf?
- As of now, no. I will be blogging gameplay here though. I am, however, considering setting up a donation feature, where proceeds could go towards capture equipment - however I’m uncertain at this stage, as I probably wont have time to make videos, and I don’t particularly want to take other peoples money.

Can I import my character from the Wii/DS version? Can I visit my Wii/DS town, too?
- Nope, New Leaf is only compatible with New Leaf.

Why haven’t you answered my question!
- Generally, I answer all questions, the only reason I won’t answer a question is due to three possible reasons;
1) The question can be answered by reading through the FAQ/Masterpost
2) It’s an anonymous ask and it only benefits the asker. I don’t want to spam up my blog by answering questions that are only going to help one or two people. It’s not that hard to come off anon, I’m not scary! Additionally, some questions I ask may require additional questions, and I can’t find out if someone is replying to the question or not if they’re on anon. Asking questions off anon makes life much easier (plus I only ever publish non-anon questions if it’ll benefit everyone else)
3) I just don’t have time. Whilst this is usually the least common reason for me to ignore questions, I honestly get tonnes of asks every day, and if I spent all my time answering them all, I’d have very little time to myself. And like I said, as the majority of them are easily answerable by reading through the FAQ and Masterpost, it’s easy to accidentally skip past other asks. If your ask is not answered, simply ask it again. If it’s ignored after several asks, it probably means that it can be answered by reading through the FAQ and Masterpost (also should probably note; just because you ask a question off-anon that can be answered through the FAQ/Masterpost doesn’t mean I’m going to answer it just because it’s not anon)

You should also keep in mind that I read every single ask/fan mail you guys send to me, so just because I don’t answer it doesn’t mean I haven’t read it :)


                                        General FAQ:

The information on X post is wrong/there is a typo.
- Sadly I’m not a super-human and this happens. Just drop me a message and I’ll fix it up (:

I’m confused about X post, can you explain it better to me?
- I’m not great at explaining but drop me a message and I’ll do my best.

Hey, can you follow me back, please?
- I don’t follow back, sorry. Main reason being I try keep my dash filled with posts I am interested it, such as other peoples blog posts, or QR codes.

Where did you get your info from?
- I collected it from a number of Japanese blogs and then compared to see what was reliable and what wasn’t. I also have two Japanese guide books, and used my experience from playing the game.

Do you speak Japanese?
- Yes, I studied it for around 3 years and went there for two weeks. Though I haven’t used it for a long time so it’s not as good as it used to be.

How long does it take you to make a guide?
- Between 1-3 hours depending on the length.

What other games do you play?
- I play a variety of different games, but mainly Pokemon and Zelda. I’ve also recently started playing Monster Hunter. I used to play a lot of Mario games, but I found the series got repetitive after a while.

Will you be doing more giveaways?
- It really depends on everything, so yeah, I’m not sure. Possibly.

Will you return for the next AC-game?
- I plan to keep this blog running as long as humanly possible, so of course I’ll be here for the next AC game, and the future ones, as for the extent, who knows - I’m not sure if I’ll continue blogging or writing up guides.

Why did you start this blog?
- I was like you, I was interested in the game and was struggling to find information. So instead of complaining and sitting there bored and asking others for answers, I took matters into my own hands and started searching. After I found enough information, I saw no reason to keep it to myself and made this blog so it could be shared.